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Very well put together using coppercube.  Good job.

Excellent game! Loved it. Recommend it!

Is there anyway you can make a tutorial on this

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Epic work bro!!! I don't even imagine that we can make a game like Minecraft in CopperCube

impressive, I didn't know it's possible with CopperCube!

This is great!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :)

This game Very similar Minecraft!

But I support the author.

Thanks! Yes, this is Minecraft clone made as a technical showcase, and for a "Clone" themed game jam :) 


Loved the game! I wasnt able to figure out how to make the pickax but oh well I enjoyed it greatly nonetheless, and I DID manage to make the TNT and in the end thats all that matters xD! =D I cannot wait to see what this becomes and you best believe I left a follow!!! Keep up the amazing work!


Thanks for playing! A list of all possible crafting recipes is stored in Crafting Recipes.txt inside the game's directory.